Quake Map Sources Released!

Since it's Quake 1's tenth anniversary this year (starting June 22nd) I thought I'd dig up and release all of Quake's original map sources. For all these years the only possible way to glean any information from Quake's internal format was from BSP deconstruction programs - but those had problems with tons of brushes generated from insane BSP splits.

So finally, here are the originals with the dust blown off of them, shined-up and zipped up. Have fun, mappers!

Download Quake Map Sources and run it in an emulator. To use these maps, load them with QERadiant or a modern Quake map tool.

The Widget Show

I'm going to be doing a phone-in interview/hanging out with The Widget Show tomorrow. If you're interested check it out. It's at 3pm PST. It should be a fun time as it's pretty much just a hanging out session.....but online. You'll find it at The Widget Show.

I just did a phone interview with The Guardian paper in the UK (you can tell because I used the word "ain't" and that ain't something I usually type! Doh!) You can find the interview here.

Also, seeing as it's the 10th year of Quake, I'm working on something cool to release to the public in the next few weeks. The vault has opened and there's something cool inside!