Happy Birthday, Games!

Some of you may have noticed i've been a little lax in my birthday announcements this month. There's just so many of them i figure i'll do one for all of 'em unless i get feedback to the contrary. Also, i want to save up the really juicy stuff for the revamp of this site that will present everything in story form. Check out Tom Hall's site as he linked an article today in The Escapist about Commander Keen.

Mortimer McMire's Mangling Machine!

Here are the birthdays:
10th - DOOM
14th - Commander Keen 1-3
15th - Commander Keen 4-5
23rd - Hyperspace Delivery Boy & Heretic (two 'H' games on the same day!)

In case you were wondering about the screenshot, it was referencing a future Keen game we planned on making: Keen 7 - The Universe is Toast! But we started working immediately on Wolfenstein 3D and........the rest is history.