Latest Update & DOOM Post-Mortem

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote anything here... thank you very much, Facebook. Most of my updates happen over there, but not really anything important or game history-related. I use Twitter as well, but don't do much. I'm just very busy running my game company, Loot Drop, and forgetting to update my site.

At GDC 2011, Tom Hall and I did a DOOM Post-Mortem, which basically talked about the complete development of DOOM in a month-by-month format. You can watch the video and the slides right here.

Tom Hall has been working with me and Brenda at Loot Drop for an entire year, and it's been a blast! He's been designing and running his own game team, and his game is turning out great. Brenda is busy with her own game, designing and running her team (the game is COOL!), and I've been working on keeping the company running smoothly. My game, Cloudforest Expedition, is on a temporary hiatus.