Quake sketches

I was going through some old pictures, and figured I might as well just start uploading my old stuff. Why wait? So, in the Quake section I've put up some sketches of maps, artifacts, etc. that I drew for the game.

I have several pages of notes that describe a game different from the Quake that you know. I'll put these up when I start the Quake game page so I can explain what I was thinking for that design.

I've also put up lots of other pictures in many other sections. The smugmug site is really great - you should try it out for your own collections. You can totally customize it however you like.

My original sketch for E1M1, the first map in Quake. This was on my pad of paper where I listed myself as Project Specialist because I did so many different things on our games. The original filename of E1M1 was jrbase1. This map is for the inside of the base. Other sketches cover the outside area.