Retro Gamer #75

This month, Retro Gamer in the UK published issue 75 (over 6 years) and did something they've never done before: they had a guest editor. And, you guessed it, that was me. It also has my name on the cover, so that kinda gives it away.

The cover of the magazine is Wolfenstein 3D (much like another issue several months before that was all about the making of Wolf 3D). I got to read/edit all the magazine content before they published it, and I made comments about several of the articles. The biggest part of the magazine I'm involved with is a 12-page interview with me. There are also industry notables who wrote some paragraphs about me, and readers wrote in about their favorite games of mine.

All in all, I was very happy with the result. Darran Jones did a tremendous job planning and executing this feature. Retro Gamer is sold in most major bookstores.

Retro Gamer put out a press release about this issue:

For Immediate Release
30 March 2010

Retro Gamer gains industry legend as guest Editor

John Romero and Imagine Publishing team up for special issue of the world's greatest retro games magazine, Retro Gamer, is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with John Romero, co-founder of one of today's most important and popular genres - the first-person shooter.

On Wednesday 31 March, issue 75 of Retro Gamer goes on sale across the UK and the world with a special celebration issue featuring industry legend John Romero as guest Editor. As well as a host of special content picked by Romero, the issue is packed with comments, tributes and insights from those who have worked with him over the years, such as John Carmack and Dave Perry. The special issue also includes an exhaustive 12-page interview with the man himself, outlining his career, his thoughts on the industry today, and his intriguing current project.

Making his name at companies such as Origin Systems and Softdisk, Romero cut his programming teeth on the Apple II before moving into the PC market. Teaming up with fellow Softdisk workers John Carmack, Adrian Carmack and Tom Hall, he co-formed id Software. After finding success in the shareware scene with the Commander Keen games, id created Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake, and with them ushered in a new era of gaming that's still immensely popular today.

"I absolutely love Retro Gamer magazine because it covers all the game history that I love and remember fondly," said Romero. "Being allowed the chance to do a little writing for the magazine was an amazing opportunity and I hope you all enjoy it the way I did."

"John Romero is a genuine legend in the videogame industry," said Darran Jones, Editor of Retro Gamer, "and he has been behind some of the most influential games this industry has ever seen. It's been a real pleasure collaborating with him on this exciting project."