Sierra Adventure #0: Mission Oakhurst

Over the course of the last year, I've been working on a project to document the history of game design, and I've interviewed everyone from Sid Meier to Noah Falstein to Nasir Gebelli. As a part of that, this weekend, I set out to find the legendary game company Sierra On-Line. Unencumbered by research, my partner and I spontaneously decided Friday night to leave Saturday morning for the Yosemite area.

I visited Sierra On-Line back in 1992, but that's a GameTales entry I need to write, and won't give away here. It's approximately a 4 hour trip from our house through beautiful country, so we took the BMW Z4. Around 4pm we checked into our hotel room in Madera, CA, about 45 minutes from the Oakhurst area. We then continued on our mission. Around 5pm we reached the intersection of CA-41 and Raymond Rd., the beginning of Coarsegold. As we cruised down the street, we saw a Mexican restaurant named Alfonso's - surely a good omen, and oh, we would be eating there, of course. On we continued for another 8 miles or so until we reached the outskirts of Oakhurst.

Coming down the hill, the first business in on our left, and it's Erna's Elderberry House