Nasir Gebelli Interview Clip

August 8, 1998 was a night to remember. I hosted an Apple II Reunion and invited many Apple II pioneers and it was quite a turnout: over 40 legends showed up along with many game industry folks and the atmosphere was electric.

In one area you had Steve Wozniak talking about the Apple II hardware, in the conference room you had stacks of old computer magazines and Apple II's being signed by pioneers, in the game room everyone was mingling and talking about the old days while upstairs Steve Kent and I were busy interviewing some of these people on video for posterity.

I plan to make a DVD of this event but for now here is a short clip of an interview with Nasir Gebelli - one of the people that everyone was dying to meet at the party. For those of you who don't know, Nasir co-founded Sirius Software, what I call the "id Software of the early 80's". Nasir also programmed Final Fantasy 1,2,3 on the NES and then Secret of Mana. He's completely awesome.

I have a poster of Nasir in my office and you can print one yourself from my photo gallery (poster section). You can watch the video here:

Nasir has a lot of Japanese fans who will probably be happy to see this video.

A quick note about the video: there's a point where an observer asks Nasir a question about how he felt about Mark Turmell regarding him as a game god at the party. What this person probably didn't know is that Mark Turmell's games were published by Nasir's company Sirius Software. Yes, Nasir was The Daddy way back when Mark got into the industry. And if you didn't know, Mark is still going strong at Midway in Chicago