CVG Interview Gone Sideways

Yeah so there's a new interview on ComputerAndVideoGames (CVG) that has some incorrect information in it (this was obviously NOT an email interview) the chief offender being my alleged quote that Adrian Carmack is John Carmack's brother.

Oh brother, do I have to answer this question AGAIN?

How many times have I had to tell people that JOHN CARMACK AND ADRIAN CARMACK ARE NOT RELATED!

My friend Lane Roathe's name was misspelled "Lain". Like how many times have you seen the name Lane spelled that way?

The start of the article mentions that i'm working on an MMO for an unnamed company. That would be MY company and the name is a secret on purpose. We'll let it out when it makes sense and there's a reason to talk about it. What i've learned over the years is not to talk about your game while it's in development. In the article it mentions 2007 as our release date. You know what the answer is? It's done when it's done, just like my .sig used to read back at id Software.

So Scott Miller's last name is misspelled, the writer said in December 1990 we started to work on some games for Scott which, in fact, is when we shipped those games.

The quote that I "stayed full-time at SoftDisk until we published our first game, made a lot of money and then left." is not like anything that I would say. I think he just summarized the situation and put the words in my mouth.

You can tell the author of the article hadn't done his homework. Anyone who is a fan of id would know that John and Adrian aren't brothers.

Can't wait to see the next butchered part of the interview next week! Fact checking is fun and not alive in the game industry press!

UPDATE: CVG has made some corrections on the first part of the interview and the second part has been thoroughly fact-checked which is a FIRST for online game journalism as I've experienced it. Good work CVG!