I'm talking about the 80's group, you silly, not the hidden area in Ultima III that you access through a whirlpool!

I have all of their albums and they're just great stuff; the style is early 80's with lots of 70's influences. Some of their top songs are "How Much I Feel", "You're The Only Woman", "Holding On To Yesterday" and "Biggest Part Of Me".

More overlooked songs, which are excellent, are "Lover Arrive", "Art Beware", "Heart To Heart", "Nice, Nice, Very Nice", "Not As You Were", "Life Beyond L.A.", "Angola", "If Heaven Could Find Me", and "Livin' On My Own".

I used Napster for a little bit but had problems with their stupid licensing scheme so I switched to Virgin Digital and they're much looser with their DRM handling and their client is really great. And only $8 a month.

So get on Virgin Digital, hop into the Red Pass section and check out Ambrosia.

Gamedev-wise, today was spent reading resumes, writing recruiters, talking to an interviewee after he had 2 hours with my co-founders and then having to work on getting our file server OS reinstalled. That was kinda frustrating but i won't go into it because it's way too much tech crap.