Blix Clouds That Kill Time

Here's a few really cool games to play this weekend.

CLOUD was made by students, paid for by an Electronic Arts grant. I'm still figuring out how to consume the clouds! Make sure you use the right & left mouse buttons and press F1 for scant help.

Kill Time is a crazy Japanese game where you have to keep your cursor from being captured by the little guy. Move it all over the place, just don't go off the screen or touch the blue walls on the side or your score restarts at zero!

BLIX comes courtesy of the talented Eric Zimmerman and his gameLab - it's very addictive!

You may have noticed some changes to the site, namely the coolass music player on the right side. The Game Music section also has the player so you can just listen to the music without downloading the songs. So now maybe it'll be easier for you to check out video game music and see what you've been missing. One of my fave remixers, Quinn Fox, just released some new original compositions on his site. Click on the green icon on the left side to get to them.