Cool Little Games - Link Night

Check it out - this is a rockin' little fun game! It's like Worms 2, but it's realtime and is really violent and funny! You can have a bunch of people play together on a LAN or Internet and there are hundreds of people playing online right now! Go to the Servers section on the Soldat Hompage and put the IP address in and you're in the action!

Another crazy hilarious "game" is Porrasturvat, the Stair Dismount (as seen on TechTV). Basically, you get points for the most damage you do to the little guy you're slamming down the stairs. The secret is in spearing down through his foot at just the right angle, causing him to stay in one spot, taking damage the entire time, until he falls... Heh.

Here's another great site to find all those old games you wanted to play! There's tons of links on this page that will lead you into a subculture that you may not have known existed: the archiving of all old computer games.