More Pages Online

I formatted more of my game pages and got them back online. You'll notice that the Alien Attack page is formatted correctly now for Mozilla (heh). Next, I totally recreated the Bongo's Bash page from the old version and finally added a download link for the Apple II disk image! If you don't have AppleWin, you need to get it now (down in the Cool Links section at the bottom-left). I also added the Crazy Climber page.

I also reformatted The Comics page and now you can grab the sicko Melvin comics I used to draw so long ago. Hahaha! I still laugh when I read them, though, so there's still something wrong there.

I changed the "!FEEDBACK FORUMS!" graphic to more accurately represent what's going on in the Forums, which happens to be Game Talk. I also added a new forum for the Dangerous Dave series.

In other rockin' news, our Game Boy Advance version of Hyperspace Delivery Boy! is FINAL. To read a small blurb about it, check out this link on IGN! There's a few authentic Game Boy Advance screenshots on there. Oh, we didn't take anything from Chip's Challenge (which I've never played) -- we took most of our puzzle design ideas from our old game Rescue Rover! Man, we were >this< close to including full voice dialogue in the GBA version, but the carts cost just a little too much for that much ROM.