Daikatana GBC News Story

There have been several news stories about the Daikatana page and the pre-alpha download I put up. So many people downloaded the pre-alpha and Daikatana demo that they split the nuts off my Streamload account, so I set up the download to come from this site instead. Heh.

Anyway, 1UP.COM wrote up a great little news story about the release and I modified the Daikatana page to add the link and a little extra info. That's all.

More Info Than You Might Want: this site is hosted by LiquidWeb, which has been around for 7 years. Check out the facility hosting this site, it's pretty cool.

Daikatana News

I just put up the beginnings of the Daikatana page. Since it's taking so long to get these game pages up, I decided that I'll at least make a start at them!

The cool news about the Daikatana page is the release of a long lost pre-alpha! So if you're a Daikatana lover (or liker), check it out...it's slightly interesting.

Also, the heading on all pages on the site will direct you back to here.