The Amazing Iron Man

Yesterday we bought a time slot at the nearby San Mateo AMC for the entire company to watch Ironman at 4pm. Everyone showed up which is usually a good sign. I loved all the previews (The Love Guru, You Don't Mess WIth The Zohan, The Hulk) and then the movie began.

It was 2 hours of amazing action, dialogue, acting and technological goodness. Robert Downey Jr. has completely vindicated himself with this movie IMO. And Jeff Bridges was, as always, bigger than life and extremely smooth even as an evil corporate Dude. The cars were awesome, the computers futuristic, the tech unbearably cool and the acting superb.

And even better, at the end of it, it's just the beginning for Ironman - the sequel will see Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury recruiting Ironman into S.H.I.E.L.D. As far as I'm concerned this is the highest quality comic brand that's seen the big screen. When I was a kid I was a Spiderman and Ironman devotee so this movie made me really happy.

Go see it!