Wolf3D = 16

So here I sit, typing this update on my MacBook, an amazing Apple product, writing about a game I worked on 16 years ago which just happened to be a mere 3 years after I stopped writing for my first Apple love, the Apple II platform. It's been a long time between heavy use of Apple products but now is the time for me to fully switch back into Apple mode. I'm already addicted to my iPhone, Apple TV and MacBook. Next up: iMac and Mac Pro and I'm off and away - goodbye Microsoft.

I just figured I'd announce my switch on Wolfy's birthday. The relevance? Wolfenstein 3D was a game lovingly crafted by 4 guys, 3 of which were longtime Apple II fanatics and coders; a game that was based on one of our all-time favorite Apple II games, Castle Wolfenstein. So you see, it all comes back around to Apple one way or another.

(To see something Wolfy made with Legos, check this out)

Update: I just saw that SxePhil on YouTube said happy birthday to Wolf3D!