Happy Holidays!

Well, here's to hoping your last 3 weeks were pleasant. I had a great time just hanging out at the house and not traveling anywhere. During the vacation I played a lot of games and the one that really stood out for me on the PC was Flat Out 2. If you're a fan of Burnout 3 (uhh, not BO:Revenge) and an avid Excite Truck player, you will LOVE playing Flat Out 2! Something I really love is the fact that you have a person in every car instead of Burnout's robot cars. And when you crash hard your driver will blast out of the windshield screaming and ragdoll his/her way all across the road, most likely getting run over repeatedly by the other drivers who LOVE to smash into your car/driver any chance they get.

Flat Out 2 looks excellent - this is HDTV gaming but for your PC. The graphics and engine feel very much like Half Life 2's and the speed is intense with motion blur, glow and lots of particle effects. Just about everything is destructible so you can just take the whole place apart - it's hilarious fun!

I bought Flat Out 2 through Steam, which I love, so I had no copy protection hassles like the European version that has Starforce on the CD.

Other games I was jacking around with during the holiday and up to now:

Sam & Max: Culture Shock (telltalegames.com)
Sam & Max: Situation Comedy
Quake 1 (DM7) deathmatch using DarkPlaces
DOOM II (MAP01) deathmatch using ZDOOM & JDOOM
Ghost Recon Gold Edition
World of Warcraft (of course)

Other news: my son Michael is just a few months away from going to Full Sail in Florida (21 month track) so he started interning at Slipgate Ironworks and learning C++.