Happy Birthday, Heretic and HDB!

It's birthday time again and this fine December 23rd celebrates the birth of both Heretic (1994) and Hyperspace Delivery Boy! (2001). Both of these guys were released to the world at the very edges of the day: Heretic was uploaded at 11:30pm and HDB was uploaded at 2:30am.

When Heretic was released it wasn't to any web sites - they barely existed back then so it was put onto an obscure DOOM-oriented BBS and then ftp'ed to the University of Wisconsin servers.

hdb logoHDB, on the other hand, had an easier time getting out there (the PocketPC version was the first release). The PocketPC community instantly embraced the game and gave it great reviews (example); it's an interesting hybrid Adventure and Puzzle game with tons of Tom Hall humor locked within. We put HDB on 5 platforms: PocketPC, PC, Mac, Linux and GameBoy Advance. Only the PocketPC, PC and Linux versions have been distributed.

If you're looking for a strategy guide here's a quick link.