Birthdays Galore


Dec 10: DOOM - 10 yrs
Dec 14: KEEN 1-3 - 13 yrs
Dec 15: KEEN 4-6 - 12 yrs
Dec 23: HERETIC - 9 yrs
Dec 23: HDB - 2 yrs

Man, December is the golden month of game birthdays! It's been quite a while since I updated - I did a full reinstall on my computer and I'm still not finished yet. For instance, I'm writing this update in FrontPage instead of Dreamweaver MX (I'll get up to speed soon).

That's 9 games in December We worked pretty hard to get Heretic and Hyperspace Delivery Boy out before January, as you can tell by the crazy date. Most publishers wouldn't release a game that late in the month when they're targeting retail... but we weren't.

So Happy Birthday, my little game babies! Well, maybe games should be measured in something like "game years" or, maybe it should be 3 game years for every human year. That would make DOOM 30 years old....hmm. Thanks to numerous source ports it looks better than when it was a baby!