Proxyconn Will Amaze You

Wow, they were not lying about this one. There's a company called Proxyconn that promises DSL speed over a 56k dialup line. AND IT WORKS!! I downloaded and installed the software expecting the usual lackluster performance and a quick uninstall immediately following my test....but wow am I impressed!

In the status bar area is a Proxyconn icon that will tell you the effective speed you're getting - right this second, mine is saying "broadband". Heh. Usually it says 150k or more. You simply must see this to believe it - in fact, if you already have DSL, try Proxyconn for Broadband so you can surf the net at T1 speeds!

Another great feature of Proxyconn is that it totally kills all bannerads and popups before they ever get to your computer. The way Proxyconn works is that your computer is constantly logged into their servers and when you send any HTTP requests, it will send it your way extremely compressed and faster than just going over the net normally. Their site explains all the technical details of how they achieve this amazing speed so I won't go into it here suffice to say that the speed is REAL.

Oh, and Proxyconn also speeds up your EMAIL! You just have to try this to believe it.