Quake Day

Happy Birthday Quake!

Today is Quake's 8th birthday! As the years march forth, my game babies get older...and older....and older. But I remain the same age! Well, mentally at least. Keeps me sane, I guess.

So, yeah, eight years ago it was a lonely Saturday afternoon when I was by myself up at ole id Software, putting together the shareware distribution of Quake and getting ready to upload it to The Planet. My, how times have changed. And there's a Quake 4 yet to be released, too. I'm excited to see how that one turns out - my friends at Raven have always done a great job on id's games.

Oh, and I can't wait for DOOM 3 as well. Major sequelitis. Let's see, since I've been gone we've all played Quake 2, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Commander Keen for GBA, Quake 3, DOOM/DOOM II for GBA, Wolfenstein 3D for GBA....and now we wait for DOOM 3 and Quake 4.


Of course, I wish Quake's brothers well and they will all have some great birthdays, whenever they are, and maybe they'll eat some cake and grow some legs and arms and scare the hell out of some people and....ummmm....

Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the most special Quake of all!

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