Random Stuff

Just watched National Treasure and it was really great! Very reminiscent of The Goonies but for a more grown-up audience. You should definitely see it - and bring the kids if you have any.

I sold my iPod within a week of posting that I'm selling it in my forums. And the person who bought it isn't even registered on the forums but is a lurker on there! It's such a hot item that the buyer sold it at a higher price to someone else who wanted it - before I even shipped the thing!

Thanksgiving's coming up... the 4 day weekend will be really nice, like a mini vacation. I'll probably be chillin' at home playing GTA:San Andreas since I'm ADDICTED to the thing. The previous addiction was Burnout3 which I still play on occasion, but GTA:SA is Da Bomb. Right now. I'm putting off buying Half-Life2 until it gets patched a bit....since I have an awesome game to play right now anyway.

Work is going really well - just showed the current status of Gauntlet to Midway's execs and everyone was happy with the progress. The game's looking really nice and playing unlike anything in the genre.

Oh, I just pumped some Ion Storm pictures into the Photo Gallery if you want to see what all the fuss was about ...all those years ago!

That's about it! Have fun - it's the reason you're alive!