Birthday Time!


What can I say? Not much more than has been said before - Happy Birthday, old guy! Now, in human years that's not really very long but in computer years it's a while. Maybe computer years should be 1 for every 7 years, like a dog. That would make DOOM a healthy 63 years OUR time!

It's so cool to see how many people have been affected by DOOM and what its effect on our culture has been over this (almost) decade. And to think it only took one year to create that game, though other games take several years with nary the impact. (I think I know a game or two like that!)

And with the new DOOM III coming out next year, the whole crazy ride can start all over again! It'll be fun watching the resurgence of DOOM, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for our original baby that was born this day 9 years ago in Mesquite, Texas... in the original black Borg box.

In other news...

We just made an announcement on the Monkeystone Games site about our new game <em>Congo Cube</em> being released very soon. The official Congo Cube site is going to debut in a week or less and the game is going to be featuring an Internet High Scores feature so y'all can compete with yourselves and ME! (Well, really, it would be Stevie since she's the most killer CC player here!) If you're a fan of the 1993 SNES classic Tetris Attack, you'll LOVE Congo Cube.

We're also offering a Holiday Fun Pack that has Hyperspace Delivery Boy! and Congo Cube on one CD, signed by the whole team, for $29.95 -- some copies might make it to your home by Christmas, but most will be delivered after the holidays. Check it out, guys!