December is the Month of Birthdays


Man, there's too many birthdays, that's all I gotta say. Heh. Just kidding - no, I don't get tired of blasting this little cake graphic in the news section every single month or so.

The first Keen trilogy, Invasion of the Vorticons, was released into shareware by Apogee Software on December 14, 1990.

The second Keen trilogy was developed during the second half of 1991 in Madison, Wisconsin and released on December 15th. We had a retail agreement with FormGen, so we had to split the trilogy up into one retail release and two games for shareware release. Alas, Scott's magic shareware formula only works with a trilogy and we didn't sell many copies of this duo titled "Goodbye, Galaxy!", even though it remains to this day my favorite set of Keens. Scott told us all this before release, btw.

The retail version of Keen was titled "Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter!". When my Keen section opens, I'll share with you a scan of the original retail box which we discarded. It was designed by someone who designed the Lipton Tea packaging - not the right person for a computer game that's for sure!

DOOM Section Now OPEN!

Yes, you heard right - my DOOM section has finally opened with a ton of content, most of it being Lee Killough's legendary DOOM site, revived for your viewing pleasure. Just check the links on the left and scroll down until you see DOOM. Then click.