So Busy and Yet More Birthdays

Oh! I'm A Flamelet!

That's the name of a song from Seiken Denetsu 3, a really great old Super Famicom game with really funny song names. Look up the track listing at Soundtrack Central, heh.

First off, let me just say I'm sorry for taking so long in updating the main page - I've been horrifically busy... but in a really fun way!

Okay, we are going to celebrate the birthdays of both Heretic and Hyperspace Delivery Boy!, two games that start with the letter H and were born on the exact same day! Yes, December 23rd is the birthday of both games!

What I remember: well, with Heretic I created the shareware distribution at my house, late at night, and uploaded it first to a BBS, I think it was called DoomsGate or something. After that, I put it up on some FTP sites, starting off with the University of Wisconsin server where we usually posted our stuff. This was December 23, 1994 at 11:30pm, late at night. Heretic is 8 years old!

Raven Software took a few weeks off then immediately started working on Hexen, the next piece of the trilogy-that-was-supposed-to-be. Hecatomb was supposed to be the 3rd game, but I left id before fulfilling that goal.

Hyperspace Delivery Boy! was also released in the wee hours (4:30am) of December 23rd, although it was just last year (2002), so HDB is a one-year-old-baby! Even the main character, Guy, looks like a baby! Uhm...

Also, as a bizarre coincidence, December 23rd, 1977 was the day Yusuf Islam was born, previously known to the world as Cat Stevens.

In other news, I'm developing a 3D FPS for a new cell phone! Yes, you heard it right: an FPS. It's just starting up but I can tell it's gonna be pretty cool.

Congo Cube is still under development. We decided to do a simultaneous launch on several platforms. The Pocket PC version is looking really great and is pretty much done. The PC version is going through some visual tweaking for that all-important casual gaming audience. The Smartphone version is very close to the Pocket PC version. The Java version is coming along very well thanks to Brian Burleson, one of the very best students in my class at UTD. He runs the Student Game Developer's site and is very active in the gaming scene here:

Congo is about to move over to BREW and J2ME as well so this addictive little substance will probably find its way to your cell phone somehow. You're gonna love it - I'm actually addicted to the game myself... a very good sign.

Tom just finished up two BREW games: Jewels & Jim and Dig It! Man, it's nice to be coding again!

Quake Section Coming Soon!

I'm going to do the same thing with the Quake section that I did with the DOOM section: open it up with a few pieces of downloadable goodies and info. The first nice download I'm going to post will be all the original .MAP files we created so you can all dissect them, pick them apart, or even modify them and fix all those little errors! No ETA on this, but I promise to work on it.

And....finally..... another Melvin has been posted. Heh.