Michael Romero Breaks Out the Bongos

First I need to say, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! My son Michael turned 15 on Valentine's Day and is doing great in school and following in his Dad's footsteps as a gaming maniac. He's about to start busting out the Visual Studio 6.0 and bring on the C++ lovin's.

Michael is becoming a Leonardo DaVinci of gaming: he plays every cool game that comes out, beats it, then plays it again.... he's doing some great stuff in Flash 5.0, he does great illustrations in Freehand, makes music in ACID and Cakewalk Pro (using a MIDI keyboard, even)... codes HTML right into Notepad (and is about to start working with Dreamweaver)...is currently designing his own RPG, and finally now he's about to start learning C++ and using Visual Studio. Wow! Pretty impressive for a 15-year-old!

So, Michael sent me his latest MP3 mix using Stevie's "On A Mission" song from Hyperspace Delivery Boy as his "sample", heh.

Have you had a deer popsicle?
I’ll cut your blood with my knife-hand!
— Michael Romero