Steven Romero's Birthday and Klear LLC


Yes, it's my son Steven's 14th birthday today - hooray, you're still alive! That's really an accomplishment for this crazy guy, always getting himself into one situation after another! I better stop now while I'm ahead because this 14 year old monster of a man is AS TALL AS I AM and almost weighs as much as me! Whoa.

To top it off, he's also a great football player, always out to bust open the other team. And he does it! Heh heh. In fact, this guy is so aggressive that he's an amazing Quake 3 player and regularly beats everyone on whichever server he visits. Soon we're gonna have our little Q3A match, aren't we little boy!??? BRING IT!

Hope your birthday goes great Steven and everyone wish him a "good one" in the forums!

I also wanted to say Congratulations to Dallas' newest game developer, Klear Games LLC, on the recent release of their first game, Samurai.

Let me just say right here that this game is a lot of fun! The game is designed after a German board game created by Reiner Knizia and the PC implementation is excellent. Kudos to the musician who composed the beautiful score, it really suits the game and really raises the quality of the game in the same way that the Outlaws soundtrack rocked that game.

Head on over to Klear Games' website and download the shareware version and try it out. Do the short tutorial and you are finished with the ruleset! Then get on the Internet server and serve yourself a steaming plate of beatings! Muahahaah!