You are about to embark on a magical adventure with powers that will surprise you! You are a young witch (or wizard) in training who is called upon to save Charmcraft Hollow: a centuries-old forest which is in danger of being turned into a parking lot by the evil Magical Parks Association.

In Charmcraft Hollow, you make the world your own by actually changing it with magic. Here are some of the wonderful features in this game:

  • Buy, feed and take care of magical animals
  • Build a beautiful and magical park full of buildings, decorations, and characters
  • Discover the secrets of Charmcraft Hollow through an epic storyline with many unique characters and quests
  • Show off your beautiful park through in-game screenshots
  • Become an expert mage and cast amazing spells

You have the power to build Charmcraft Hollow as you wish, and indulge your creativity so your world is completely unique from everyone else playing. Build an ocean world, a huge mountain, a floating garden, or something no one has thought of before. Starting is easy, but perfecting takes more effort!

You can purchase magical animals and feed them to obtain valuable resources. The characters in the game react to animals, too, and bring the world to life. You can even summon eggs for a chance at rare animals, too!

You can place detailed decorations, magical buildings, and mystical trees in your park. These buildings and trees earn you special spells and coins. You can also upgrade your trees for stronger spells!

As you gain experience levels and your park gets even more magical, you will also be able to cast some amazing and powerful spells. Imagine summoning a lightning storm

The unique story of Charmcraft Hollow will take you on a magical adventure to save your creation and discover the secret behind your (once magical) park. You will bring other unique and interesting characters into your world, each with their own personality and storyline. Prepare to be entranced by Charmcraft Hollow!