What would utopia look like?

During Loot Drop’s first year, 2011, we developed our first game called Cloudforest Expedition. This was a very ambitious title with the largest world size for a Facebook game at the time – there were 5 zones in the game, all accessible if you explored the entire world.
The game is a story-based adventure situated in a cloudforest, the site where your grandfather was last seen on one of his important archeological trips in the 1940’s. You are contacted by a researcher in the 1980’s and asked to come to the cloudforest where he vanished – new evidence has turned up.

You relentlessly work to uncover clues to his disappearance and ultimate fate on his final journey. While exploring the jungle, you encounter the survivors from a plane wreck that crashed in the 1970’s! Hilarious and involved quest lines ensue. As you learn to capture and train several cloudforest animals you also do a lot of digging and uncover ancient relics forgotten in the cloudforest for centuries!

But not only that – you are also going back in time with every new zone you reach in this mysterious jungle. The game’s theme song ages another decade as you push forward until you hear the 1940’s version in the final zone where you learn the truth of your grandfather’s disappearance


Game activities

Here are some of the amazing activities that take place in the Cloudforest:

  • Explore 5 huge jungle zones, each with different flora and fauna.
  • Find small dig sites all over the jungle and discover pieces of ancient artifact collections.
  • Build traps, use special bait, and capture a variety of animals that each have special abilities.
  • Build fires to push back the clouds and increase your visibility of the entire cloudforest.
  • Search for the top of Epic Dig sites where an important relic or monument of the past lies buried.
  • At Epic Dig sites, dig deep underground several levels to finally reveal the full size of the discovered relic. Chisel the relic until it’s finally revealed!
  • With enough help, you can Raise the Relic to the surface of the cloudforest for all your friends to see!
  • Uncover pages from your grandfather’s journal as you diligently seek fortune and clues. The book reveals the incredible secret of the cloudforest and why he was here!
  • Attract jungle natives that sell you their unique wares critical to success in the jungle.
  • Build bridges to reach new zones, and new characters with new quests and story.

Unfortunately not. This game was canceled.