Loot Drop is a casual and mobile game development studio located in Silicon Valley, California. Our clients include such industry giants as Zynga, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft. We were founded in 2010 by John and Brenda Romero, and have developed/launched/operated several games on Facebook and Google+.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Our first office was situated in San Mateo, California in 2010. We moved to San Bruno in the second half of 2011, then Ben Lomond in 2014. Loot Drop concluded business in 2015. This site serves as an archive of Loot Drop's activity during its operation.

An article on Tom's Hardware mistakenly mentioned Tom Hall as co-founding Loot Drop. Tom Hall was hired as a Game Designer to lead his own social game, Pettington Park.


If you are interested in engaging us to develop a game for you, please contact us at the Contact link above.

We developed multiple titles for Facebook and mobile (iOS, Android) for EA, Zynga, Ubisoft, and Mogol.